Why Is My White Paint Turning Yellow?

You were once thrilled with your gorgeous white doors and cabinets, but you are now shocked with their yellow tint. You’re not the only one! In this post, we’ll learn more about why white paint turns yellow:

How Do I Keep My White Paint From Yellowing?

Over time, oil-based white paint can turn yellow due to oxidation, making white surfaces look discolored. Yellowing paint can be a product of the environment or from aging. It can be delayed through prolonged care. Some tips to keep paint white include:

  • Use natural and artificial light to maintain the true color of oil-based paint
  • Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners and polishes — ammonia is commonly found in cleaning products, but it can also cause paint yellowing.
  • Keep away from hot stoves and humid areas — hot and humid areas can also speed up the oxidation process.
  • Install exhaust fans in moisture-laden areas — exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens can help redirect hot air away from the painted area.

Where areas remain hot and humid or in dark spaces, oxidation cannot be prevented. In this instance, it is best to use water-based acrylic paint if you are concerned about the yellowing process.

Can You Reverse Yellowing?

In some instances, you can reverse yellowing but not in others. For example, if an area has turned yellow due to lack of light, you can reverse yellowing by exposing that area to light for the color to change over time.

But if the area has turned yellow due to the application of an ammonia-based product, you cannot reverse the discoloration. In this instance, you may have to repaint the entire area and avoid using ammonia entirely if using oil-based paints once again.

Call the Professionals When It Is Time to Refresh White Paint

When your paint starts to look dull, yellow, and discolored, it may be time to refresh with a fresh coat of white paint. Specialized techniques and paints may be used to prevent yellowing from occurring again, which may not be possible through a DIY job. If you want to limit yellowing with the right paint solutions, reach out to our team for interior, exterior, and commercial painting services. 

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