Which Colors Are Best for My Home Office?

During the past few years, the increase in working from home has prompted people to transform rooms into office spaces. Aside from setting up furniture and equipment, remote and hybrid workers have been considering the best colors for home office setups. 

When selecting a color for your office, always remember how much impact the color can have on your home office setup. For example, specific colors can boost productivity. So, what are the best paint colors to choose for your home office? Here are the hues that make an excellent choice for your workspace.

Best Home Office Paint Colors

It’s essential to choose a color for your home office that inspires you and suits your personality. If you work from home, you’ll spend many hours during the week there. 

When choosing the best colors for home office walls, think about what type of working environment you want. Home office paint colors can promote focus, productivity, relaxation, and more. 

Five Star Painting Inc. is your interior painting company in Mercer County, NJ, and has a list of the best home office paint colors from which to choose. Read on to see our recommendations for the best colors for home office setups.


A warm white paint limits visual distraction and is easy on the eyes. In addition, white lets you get creative with decorating since most furniture and objects work with white color. 

A bright white color with natural light works well if your office windows face the north side of the house. White can also make a smaller office space feel roomier. In addition, it gives your home office an airy and relaxing vibe.


Painting your home in gray can boost focus and prevent your mind from wandering while you work. In addition, it promotes a sense of calm while encouraging you to manage your tasks. 

Gray feels balanced and easily coordinates with your office’s furniture and other accessories. In addition, you can match gray walls with brown and white to give them a stylish look. 

Dark Blue

Dark blue can provide a good backdrop color for monitors in your home office. They minimize distractions and give your workspace a luxurious quality. 

The dark blue category includes navy, which is based in nature and provides an optimal atmosphere for productivity. An alternative to painting your entire office in dark blue is to paint your accent wall and have it contrast with a lighter color in the rest of your home office.

Earthy Green

According to color psychology, beige-green and yellow-green are the most stress-reducing shades for a home office. Choose a subdued shade of light green to set a calming tone for your space. If you have a natural light source, this color can look beautiful.

Earthy green colors are also excellent for displaying art. If you want to show paintings, this might be the perfect choice for your home office.

Soft Pink

Warm hues like peach and soft corals improve focus and boost creativity — perfect for your home office area. It works best if you have a creative job or need visual inspiration. 

If you have a home office that only receives cool daylight, pink can provide a warm and energetic feeling. It gives a boost of charm and playfulness. 


Yellow is the perfect color to bring energy to a home office. It stimulates creativity and creates optimism, making it the perfect color for designers and artists. Use shades of blue and green to make yellow appear more vibrant. 


Brown might not be the flashiest color, but it’s far from boring. A warm brown office helps you stay calm and focused all day. Deep browns can be cozy, dramatic, and rich. Mix several shades of brown together to create an ideal home office design.

Wooden furniture can make your brown walls stand out while giving them a classic and sophisticated style. Brown also works well as an accent color for one wall in your home office.

Light Blue

A fresh shade of light blue gives you an eye-catching home office color that helps you stay calm. It’s a tranquil color that has positive associations with clear thinking. 

Blue is a popular color for home offices, and choosing a light blue allows you to match it with white and gray for excellent results. Some of the best colors for home office setups work together to create something unique and exciting.

Choose the Right Color for Your Office

Choosing the right color for your home office depends on your personality traits and job demands. If your role requires deep thought, consider light blue or gray. Think about yellow or red if you want an energetic setting for your work. 

Whatever you decide, Five Star Painting Inc. is here for any questions you might have and can help you choose the best colors for home office setups. We utilize a large selection of color choices from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball, and more.

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