When Is the Best Time to Power Wash My House?

Now that winter is over, and the snow and ice have melted away, you may suddenly be noticing dirt and grime on your driveway, your patio, or your home’s exterior. And if you’re interested in upping your property’s curb appeal or just making your home a cleaner place to live, power washing your house or scheduling power washing services in Princeton, NJ, is a great idea. Not only can high-pressure washer nozzles help blast away the toughest stains and spots, but cleaning via power washing also enables technicians to reach areas that are difficult to clean, such as the undersides of vinyl sidings. There’s no doubt about it — power washing is the best technique to wash your home and property quickly and easily.

You’ve probably asked the question, “When is the best time to power wash my house?” The answer is actually more complex than you think. Keep reading to learn more about the ideal time of the year for pressure washing.

Pressure Washing During Fall

Pressure washing is an effective solution to remove fall leaves, berries, and other natural elements that end up staining your driveway, patio, and siding over time. In order to effectively power wash during the fall, schedule service after the majority of trees in your neighborhood or yard have already lost their leaves. This prevents you from needing to schedule service twice in the same season — although if you love the look of your sparkling siding, perfect patio, and divine driveway, we’d never discourage you from calling us more often!

Pressure Washing During Winter

Some people assume that power washing during winter is impossible. However, if you live in an area where winter temperatures are usually above freezing, you can almost certainly schedule power washing services in the winter. Winter is probably not most people’s ideal time of year for pressure washing, but it is possible for professionals to successfully pressure wash your house in the winter as long as the weather is above freezing. Pressure washing technicians will keep an eye on the forecast to tell you if it will be too cold to do so. 

If you live in an extremely cold climate, hold off on booking any pressure washing or exterior painting services until the weather warms up. You don’t want to risk causing ice to build up on your siding or patio or cause a nasty slip and fall accident on your driveway.

Pressure Washing During Spring

Power washing in the spring can have fantastic results — if you schedule it at the right time. Some property owners find that wind can blow berries and blossoms all over their property at the beginning of spring, making pressure washing redundant or a second wash necessary. Some people living in colder areas find that the weather doesn’t really warm up to sunny until mid or late spring. Depending on what you see in your local area, discuss the best timeframe with the team you’ll be hiring for the job.

Pressure Washing During Summer

Summertime is sometimes cited as the best time for power washing because heat from the sun can make everything dry faster. Summer is a great time to power wash siding especially. However, there are a few complications to keep in mind. If the sun is too bright on a summer day, it may be difficult to see all of the dirt and grime that needs to be washed away due to shadows. The team may have to wait to continue the job until later in the day. 

Our True Answer: It Depends

You may have noticed that we didn’t identify the true best time of year for pressure washing your house. That’s because the real answer is it depends. How clean do you like your home to look? If you value your home looking pristine, you may want to schedule power washing every season or twice per year. Do your trees make a mess on your property during spring? In that case, you may want to wait until they’re done dropping their berries and petals and book service for summertime. Is your patio a gathering place when the weather is nice? Power washing in late winter or early spring before you start entertaining guests might be the best move to make. In other words, your home’s power washing needs are as unique as your own needs, so it’s best to come up with a plan that makes sense for you.

Experience Five Star Service!

In the opinion of our professionals here at Five Star Painting Inc., the best time for pressure washing your home or property is anytime you notice it’s especially dirty or you spot potential health issues such as mold or mildew on your siding. If you’re in need of power washing services, we’re here year-round, no matter the season, to make your home sparkle like new! Get in touch with our team today.

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