What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Power Washing Company?

When was the last time you examined the condition of your home exterior? Does it look clean and well cared for, or are there dirt, debris, and stains lining your siding and roof shingles? Many homeowners forget the importance of caring for their home’s exteriors. You can extend the lifespan of roofing material, siding panels, and concrete walkways with proper care. That’s why it’s a good idea to get professional power washing services, but before choosing any random company, have you thought about what questions to ask? Here are some of the most important things you need answered before cleaning your home exterior. 

Is Your Company Insured?

Insurance is your one protection against damages and accidents. An insured company also proves the company trusts its services and has the right tools and appliances for the job. Power washers can end up in pretty dangerous situations, especially if you have very curved roofs or awkward angles and shapes. Making sure the company is insured gives residents the peace of mind of knowing that accidents, damages, or mistakes won’t come out of their pockets. 

What Is Your Cleaning Process?

Power washing isn’t as simple as grabbing a machine and jumping onto a roof. Effectively cleaning a home requires skill and technique. Ask your power washers about their plans for your home. Do they know the type of pressure needed for different roof types? Can they explain how far to stand away from your siding before turning on the hose? Low-quality washing services are a great way to ensure that you’ll be paying high repair costs in the future. Even if the damages aren’t visible in the present, they’ll certainly show up as time passes.

Is There Any Proof of the Quality of Work You Can Deliver?

Word of mouth goes a long way, but it’s impossible to trust a service without seeing a bit of proof as to what it can do. Would you buy a car off the lot without a quick test drive? Even if you don’t get the full experience of the vehicle on the back roads by your dealership, it still makes sense to get a feel for the driving experience. The same logic applies to your power washing services. While you won’t get a full glimpse into the full property washing process, enough before and after photos can cement the dream of a clean patio or concrete sidewalk.

How Do You Handle Windows?

If power washing and window cleaning don’t seem like they go together, it’s because — they don’t. Power washing is good for sturdy surfaces that can handle high-pressure water, which a window cannot do. So this is sort of a trick question. If your technicians explain that they can power wash windows, you probably shouldn’t be trusting them. Window cleaning services should be much more delicate, so ensure your power washers know to avoid these areas.

Are There Any Guarantees to Your Service

What good is a service that can’t guarantee it can do the job it’s asked to do? A company that answers anything but “yes” to this question is one that you shouldn’t turn to. At Five Star Painting, we don’t just call ourselves the best power washing service in the area for no reason. We deliver quality results and service at affordable prices that any homeowner would enjoy. When contacting our contractors, you’re guaranteed a beautiful and luxurious patio or home!

Restore the Beauty of Your Property With a Quality Power Washing

The exterior of your home is the first thing that most people see. Why watch its appearance diminish over time when it can be easily restored with quality power washing? At Five Star Painting, we do more than paint your walls. We also keep the property clean with our power washing services! The contractors you call are some of the best in the region and can clear off dirt and debris from concrete, decks, and homes. Contact us today and ask us about how to keep your property clean or pair your wash with an exterior painting job that’s sure to redefine what a beautiful home means to you.