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The Best Colors to Enhance Your School’s Learning Environment

You might remember learning the names of colors in kindergarten, studying the color wheel in art class, or helping your own kids learn their colors. But did you know that specific colors can actually affect learning environments? Research shows that classroom colors matter more than you think — and picking the right ones can make a big difference in a school environment. Read on to learn about the best colors for school settings and how they impact students. 


The color red is bold and energetic. Using red accents in classroom environments can help energize students to be more creative and productive. It can also catch their eyes, so they pay attention to a specific area. While it should be used carefully so as not to be overwhelming, red can be one of the best colors for school settings. Try a red border around a section of chalkboard paint to draw students in and keep them engaged.


Orange is another attention-grabbing color, but research shows it’s more of a mood lifter than red, potentially serving as a good color scheme in public areas and entryways. It can also encourage creativity and act as a memory booster. Try to remember that next time you’re giving your students a test!

Bonus: Did you know orange can make people feel hungrier? Orange is one of the best colors for schools’ eating areas.


You won’t be surprised that the third bright color on this list is another of the best colors for schools! Both reds and yellows draw attention, but yellow wins out when it comes to positive energy. Using yellow for glass boards where you’re writing or displaying information, or choosing yellow as a wall color, can create a sense of warmth and cheer while still promoting active learning. 


Green is a calming color. Research shows that green spaces help promote concentration and reduce stress. Using green in high-stress areas might provide that extra calming effect that some students are looking for. Because of its positive association with nature, green is also one of the best colors for school settings that feel isolated from the outside world, such as rooms with no windows or small spaces. It can help students connect with positive memories of nature and more organic “green spaces.”


No list of the best colors for schools would be complete without mentioning the power of blue! Blues and greens both provide a sense of calm, but did you know that blue is also one of the most productivity-centric color choices in the rainbow? Blue can increase productivity and focus. We subconsciously associate blue with positive qualities such as loyalty, health, and intelligence. Many school colors include blue for this reason.


Purple makes people feel relaxed and at peace, so purple is another of the best colors for school settings that cause heightened anxiety. Sticking to lighter shades can help prevent a room from feeling small.

White and Off-White

White and off-white both draw attention more subtly than other choices listed here, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place in the lineup of best colors for school environments. Too much color and detail can overstimulate students, so providing a visual break with white can be welcome. White is also associated with cleanliness and health, so it might be a nice choice for a nurse’s office, biology lab, or other similar settings. Since white and off-white are both so light, they make spaces look larger when used with the proper lighting. This can be used to your advantage if you’re trying to create the feeling of a roomy and open space.

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