Should Crown Molding Be the Same Color as the Walls or Ceiling?

Crown molding has come back into the interior design spotlight after many years, and there are a few good reasons. Crown molding helps a room look bigger, works in any space from bedrooms to dining rooms to living rooms, and suits many different styles of home decor and design. Whether you’re installing new crown molding to enhance your home’s high ceilings or you’re repainting the crown molding already in your home, it’s a wise investment.

If you’ve decided to include crown molding as part of your remodeling project, you may be wondering: should the crown molding match the ceiling or the walls? According to our painting experts, here’s the lowdown on if it’s a faux pas or a fashionable trend for your crown molding to be the same color as your ceiling or walls.

Creative Contrast

Contrast can make a room really pop. For instance, you can emphasize a beautiful dark paint color you’ve chosen for your dining room by coloring the crown molding white. White trim is a traditional touch that can suit anything from a farmhouse-style kitchen to an opulent, luxurious living room.

You can also use light gray crown molding to accent light-colored walls — or create a dramatic monochrome appearance with black furniture and other dark-colored elements. If you’re still not satisfied with the level of contrast, you can further emphasize the different colors by using semi-gloss paint for the crown molding and staying with matte paint for the walls. You can also paint the ceiling a semi-gloss color since it will draw eyes upwards and make a small space feel larger. Need an awesome idea for a child’s bedroom? White crown molding plus dry erase board paint makes for an epic combo that indulges their creative side!

A Minimalist Touch

Matching your walls, molding, and ceiling can make a space truly elegant. While you may be nervous to paint the ceiling, walls, and crown molding white or another light color, it really opens up your space. You can browse many successful applications of this color trend and get ideas for your own home on design sites like Pinterest.

More Molding Ideas

Even if you haven’t decided if you want to paint your crown molding to match your walls, you can still get creative with molding. It’s more than just scalloping between the ceiling and the walls! You can use crown molding to create dividers in the middle of rooms, across ceilings, and much, much more. Creative crown molding designs abound, and they can all help you tie any space together. Your home will be unlike any other!

It’s What You Do With It!

The real answer to “should I match my crown molding to my ceiling or my walls” is this: it’s not about what paint colors you choose. It’s about what you do with them! Whether your molding matches both your ceiling and your walls or looks completely different than both, it’s about your individual taste. There are no interior design rules that make it mandatory to make your crown molding the same color as your ceiling or walls, so rest assured that there’s no “wrong way” to go about designing your dream home.

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