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Wallpaper Removal & Resurfacing in Mercer County, NJ

If you’ve ever seen outdated or yellowing wallpaper, you’ve likely thought about how badly wallpaper ages over the years. And if you’re dealing with the wallpaper monster during a remodeling project in your own home, you might not know where to start!

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Stop wrestling with your wallpaper and call on the professionals at Five Star Painting Inc. for wallpaper removal services! We provide affordable, reliable, and professional wallpaper removal services as well as wall resurfacing services in and around central New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We’ve worked on homes from Princeton, NJ, all the way to Washington Crossing, PA, so no matter where you live, we’re right around the corner to provide assistance with your project!

Wallpaper Removal Services in Mercer County, NJ

Many of our customers seek us out for wallpaper removal in and around PA and New Jersey. This is because wallpaper removal is not only a pain but a hazard. One of the biggest reasons wallpaper can be such a challenge to deal with is that it’s held to walls using adhesive. The adhesive used to attach wallpaper to walls varies in strength, quality, and consistency. Some of these adhesives contain dangerous chemicals that can harm you and your family. Don’t risk putting yourself or your loved ones in a situation where you have to deal with it — schedule wallpaper removal services ASAP. We can then paint your walls, or discuss options for wall resurfacing services, after we complete each part of wallpaper removal services.

Wall Resurfacing Service & Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Mercer County, NJ

Do you have cracks, holes, or other unsightly blemishes on the interior walls of your home? Just looking at wall damage can overwhelm many homeowners. While we always offer painting to cover up these problems and renew your walls, sometimes a new coat of paint isn’t enough. If you think your walls are too scratched to paint, don’t fear — our team is here to provide wall resurfacing services ranging from filling cracks to sealing holes to sanding away bumps or paint splotches. With the power of professional-quality wall resurfacing services, it’ll be like that paint drip or dent in the wall was never even there!

Popcorn ceilings are considered by many homeowners to be an ugly relic of times gone by. Not to mention they can leave debris on your floors and furniture as they deteriorate. Unfortunately, popcorn ceiling removal isn’t easy — especially if you’ve got sensitive wires, pipes, or other components inside your ceiling. Do it the right way and let our technicians remove and replace your popcorn ceiling with something that better suits your modern home.

Cabinet Resurfacing in Mercer County, NJ

Many people who want to give their kitchen a new, trendy look shell out big bucks on new cabinets. But what if you could get the appearance of new cabinets without the price tag? That’s where our cabinet resurfacing services come in. You can give your cooking, entertaining, and eating space a different feeling altogether through cabinet resurfacing services with Five Star Painting Inc., not to mention it’s affordable and quick, too (especially compared to order times for custom cabinetry and the insane increase in the cost of lumber over the past few years)!

Love Your Home Again!

Wallpaper removal services, wall resurfacing services, popcorn ceiling removal, crown molding services — all of these have something in common, besides being performed by one of the best painting companies in Princeton, NJ! It’s that they can help you love your home once again, even if it currently feels outdated or worn down. Contact our team today, and let us make your home your pride and joy.