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Pressure Washing Services in Mercer County, NJ

wood deck being pressure washedNothing gets your home or building looking quite so refreshed and brand-new as power washing. Thanks to the power of pressure cleaning, your siding, fences, decks, and more can be restored to sparkling perfection. However, there is quite a bit of precision that is necessary when power washing a deck or your home’s exterior since pressure cleaning is a delicate job, so enlisting the help of professional pressure washing services is a necessity.

Here at Five Star Painting Inc., we’ve been power washing decks and homes professionally for almost 20 years, so it’s safe to say we have some experience. We not only pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism but also on the affordable prices we offer all of our clients.

We provide pressure washing services all around Mercer County, New Jersey, including places like Lambertville, Cranbury, Lawrenceville, Hamilton Square, and Princeton, NJ. Our team also serves Washington Crossing, PA, and other Pennsylvania areas.

Concrete Pressure Washing in Mercer County, NJ

One of the biggest reasons people seek out pressure washing services is for discolored or unattractive driveways, curbs, sidewalks, walkways, and other concrete surfaces on their property.

Deck Pressure Washing in Mercer County, NJ

Has your deck lost its luster after years of use and the passing of many seasons? This is a natural consequence that happens for all decks. As time goes by, grime, dirt, pollens, and other outdoor elements can build up on your deck. When the accumulation of these conditions becomes too heavy, or they deter you from wanting to go out and sit on your deck, don’t despair. Call on Five Star Painting Inc. for pressure washing services!

House Pressure Washing in Mercer County, NJ

There are plenty of reasons that you should power wash your home’s exterior. The most common reason people choose our pressure washing services is that they are unhappy with their dirty or worn-out siding or other exterior parts of their home. When we power wash your siding, not only does it clean it, it keeps it protecting your home in the way it’s designed to do. If your siding is power washed thoroughly and professionally, you’ll also have the option to paint it a new color or keep the color that it had before.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Pressure Washing

Pressure washing might seem straightforward, but it’s far from it! Here are just a few reasons why we don’t recommend DIY power washing:

  • Power washing equipment is high-pressure by nature and can harm you without the proper PPE.
  • The pressure washing tools available to homeowners aren’t the same as the commercial-grade solutions used by contractors — meaning they’re less effective.
  • Some areas are not meant to be pressure washed, such as asphalt shingles or sensitive electronics on your roof. If you don’t know what to power wash, you might end up doing serious damage to yourself or your wallet.

Can Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

Many of our clients across New Jersey and Pennsylvania ask us if pressure washing can cause damage. The answer is no if it’s done correctly. The key is to only use professional power washing services experts who know what tools and settings will best preserve your home and keep things clean without stripping away protective coating, accidentally inviting in mold and mildew, or causing other damage.

How Often Should My Surfaces Be Power Washed?

We recommend power washing deck and siding at least twice per year, more often if you:

  • Live in an area with many bushes and trees (berries, leaves, and other debris can cause staining or other damage to your deck or siding).
  • Have heavy foot traffic on your deck.
  • Experience a lot of seasonal buildup of pollen or dust.
  • Want to keep an especially clean-looking property.

Clean Up Your Act With Five Star Painting Inc.!

Whether you need to clean up your pavement in Princeton, NJ, or your walls in Washington Crossing, PA, power washing doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you partner with our team for affordable pressure washing services. We’ll have the exterior of your home, deck, or any other surface looking clean and prepared for painting, staining, or real estate showing — and looking better than it has in years!

Interested in other services such as house painting or crown molding work? Check out our gallery to see some of the projects we’ve done, or contact us today to learn more!