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How Often Should Landlords Have Their Rental Properties Repainted?

In most places, there are no cut-and-dry regulations for whether a landlord should repaint between tenants. It’s typically up to the landlord’s discretion how often a property should be repainted, as long as it is safe. To save on costs and comply with state requirements, landlords in New Jersey have their buildings repainted every three years.

Hiring a painting contractor in Mercer County, NJ, to paint your rental property regularly can keep your real estate looking pristine and highly marketable. Check out this guide on why you should repaint rentals and how you can tell your property needs a refreshed look.

How a Fresh Coat of Paint Affects Market Value

Have you noticed people shying away from your rental units? This could be happening because your property’s walls are drabby, dirty, scuffed, or outdated. First impressions are everything — especially in real estate.

Giving your property’s interiors and exterior a fresh coat of paint can give the place an aesthetic boost that will attract occupants. The place will feel brighter, newer, and more welcoming. Simply by repainting the rental, you can begin to see more profits from your property.

How to Know When to Repaint Your Rental Property

Since there aren’t any requirements for painting between tenants, you’ll need to decide how often you’ll paint your rental property as the landlord. Your building and its rooms will give you tell-tale signs that it’s time for a fresh layer of paint. Here are some things you can do to determine if you should hire painters in East Windsor, NJ:

  • Inspect the Rental Property: After a tenant moves out, go through the property, examining the walls for signs of wear and tear, such as nicks, peeling paint, or scuffs.
  • Clean the Walls: If you notice imperfections on the walls, give them a good clean. You may be able to remove smudges, dirt, and other stains with mild soap and water. Don’t forget to clean all high-traffic areas, such as door frames, light switches, and window trims.
  • Be Critical of High-Traffic Rooms: As you’re walking through the rental property, consider the rooms that have the most traffic, such as the living room and kitchen. If the walls in these rooms are looking dingy, get them repainted. When you decide to paint, you don’t have to do every single room. Sprucing up the rooms that people spend the most time in can significantly improve the property’s value.

Freshen Up Your Rental with a New Coat of Paint

With so much on your plate as a landlord, it can be hard to remember to give your place a good touch-up now and then, so it’s a good idea to create a consistent schedule for when you’ll repaint. In New Jersey, you should have your rental’s paint freshened up once every three years. But your tenants may be happier with your space and business if you consistently have high-traffic areas repainted to look like new.

If it’s time to give your rental property a fresh coat of paint, get in touch with Five Star Painting, Inc. today. We’re a leading house, office, and apartment painting company in New Jersey that can get your rental looking stellar in no time.