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Electrostatic Painting Services


Commercial properties in West Windsor and the surrounding areas consistently have equipment and other metal structures that need to be updated or rejuvenated with a fresh coat of paint. But naturally, there are some drawbacks that traditional painting can present.

Painting with a brush or roller can take up a lot of time. If it takes so long to the point where you need to close down your business for a few days, it takes money out of your pocket. If contractors come to paint during business hours, this could be distracting and disruptive. Additionally, traditional painting requires many pieces of equipment to be moved out of the way in case of overspray. And even after all of those accommodations have to be made, there’s no guarantee that the paint will effectively stick or have a fresh look at all.

Electrostatic Spray Painting Services in West Windsor
If you have metal surfaces on your property that need to be painted, consider the revolutionary painting method of electrostatic painting. With this new technological advancement, your products can have a fresh coat of paint that will leave them looking brand new in a short period of time.

Electrostatic painting is a process in which specialized equipment uses the properties of electricity to apply paint to metal and other conductive materials. The paint that is used is charged with one electrical polarity while the surface that is being painted is charged with the opposite polarity. Since either the paint or surface is positively charged while the other is negatively charged, these properties react together to result in a coat of paint being effectively applied to a piece of metal.

In recent years, mobile equipment was manufactured to allow electrostatic spray painting companies to use this method of painting in virtually any type of setting. The mobile equipment consists of a paint sprayer with a small electrode on the tip that creates high voltage electricity. Therefore, the paint and surface are able to be charged.

Electrostatic Spray Painting Companies in Mercer County
It is important for electrostatic painting companies to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to control this equipment and effectively paint surfaces. At Five Star Painting, we offer electrostatic spray painting services that industries and businesses can trust.

We provide electrostatic painting contractor services for customers surrounding Robbinsville, NJ and other areas including:

  • West Windsor
  • Princeton
  • Mercer County
  • Cranbury
  • Lambertville
  • Hamilton Square
  • Montgomery Township

Electrostatic spray painting companies need to be aware of the complexities of this type of technology. Electrostatic spray coating is not meant for those who are simply creating a small painting project for the first time in their home. Electrostatic painting must be performed by experienced electrostatic painting companies that are aware of its application process and benefits. The professionals at Five Star Painting complete electrostatic painting contractor services with the knowledge and experience to leave your business’ equipment looking brand new.

Electrostatic spray coating has multiple benefits that can improve the quality of your products and machinery as well as keep your property up to shape.

No Overspray
Electrostatic painting results in virtually no overspray, which means that you won’t have to clear everything out of a room to paint. The paint sticks to the designated surface because of the electric charge, so it won’t splash onto any other surface. The cleanup process will be very quick and stress-free.

Environmentally Friendly
Since contractors don’t need to use as much paint in electrostatic painting projects as they do when painting with a brush, almost 50% less paint is wasted. The only materials necessary for these projects are paint and the paint sprayer. There is less overall waste to use or clean up, which results in a more environmentally friendly way of painting.

While hiring electrostatic spray painting companies can be a little more expensive than hiring regular painting contractors, it can actually turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run. First of all, since less paint is used, you’ll be spending less money on paint. Also, you won’t need to spend as much money on preparation or cleanup because of the absence of overspray.

If you are in need of painting for your equipment, elevators, iron or metal railings, or metal cabinets, consider Five Star Painting’s electrostatic spray painting services. We are one of the most trusted exterior painting and electrostatic spray painting companies in West Windsor, Princeton, Mercer County, Robbinsville, NJ, and beyond. Call today to speak with one of our contractors!