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Writing on the Walls: Magnetic Chalkboard Paint & Dry Erase Board Paint in NJ

magnetic chalkboard paint montogmery njDo you ever feel like your walls are a little drab? Like just a small change could shift the energy of your entire room? What if, somehow, your walls could be a space for organizing, learning, fostering creativity, or self-expression? When you hire Five Star Painting, they can be.

The walls at your home, school, office, or restaurant just got more interesting with our magnetic chalkboard paint and dry erase board painting services. When we transform your walls with magnetic chalkboard paint or dry erase board paint, your entire room takes a new form. No matter where you are, having walls you can write on adds a unique flair with writing or drawing that you can erase at any time.

Chalkboard Paint in Princeton, NJ

Are you interested in creating a nostalgic tone in your home, office, or restaurant? Chalkboard paint has recently grown in popularity, and it is a perfect addition to any home or business. Popular spaces that people choose to paint with chalkboard paint are:

  •  Café Walls
  • Music Venue Restrooms
  • Restaurant Backsplashes
  • Living Rooms
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Back Patio Walls

Cafés throughout the area have been painting their walls with chalkboard paint to fit their ever-changing menus. When you run out of a blonde roast or green tea, no need to have to keep answering questions; simply erase it from your menu until your next shipment comes in.

A lot of parents choose to paint one of their children’s walls (or a portion of it) in chalkboard paint as well. Not only does this allow for the child to express their creativity more freely, but it also allows them to have peace of mind, knowing that their child won’t be ruining walls that aren’t made to be drawn on.

Dry Erase Board Paint in Montgomery Township, NJ

Grocery list written on a boardDo you like the idea of having a wall that you can draw or write on, like a chalkboard, but would rather have something that is a bit cleaner or modern? We offer dry erase board painting services in Mercer County, Princeton, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Dry erase board painting is popular for many businesses. Companies often need extra space to expand on ideas or write down tasks on a day-to-day basis. When they need this extra space, whiteboard walls can come in handy. When you have us paint dry erase board walls in your building in Montgomery Township, you’ll experience the freedom of clutterless workspaces and always-visible schedules or project plans.

Some parents have even opted for dry erase board walls as opposed to the chalkboard walls because of the incredible convenience of non-toxic, easy-to-wash markers.

Let Us Paint Your Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board Walls in Mercer County

Painting chalkboard or dry erase board walls requires the precision and expertise that you will only get when you hire a professional painting company. When our painters come to your home or business, you can expect a timely response, a detail-oriented paint job, and a clean workspace.

Curious about the dry erase board or chalkboard paint job we can do for you? Give us a call or contact us via our contact form.